is a site I made to work on my NodeJS skills. I had barely used Node before, so I figured I’d get some practice. I’m going to take the Offensive Security AWAE exam in a few months, so I wanted to refresh some of my web experience, after spending the last couple of years focused mostly on networking/networking security.

Anyway, the goal was to make a more easily digestible API consisting of data posted on the NRC website, specifically commercial nuclear power plant status. Currently, the endpoints are limited, but I will be added to the site as days go on. The site was built with the following tech stack:

  • Microsoft Azure Ubuntu VM
  • Mongo, Express, NodeJS, HTML, JS, CSS
  • Git, VSCode/Webstorm, Let’s Encrypt
  • Python (to scrape data from NRC website)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.