Updating All my Passwords

I recently updated nearly every one of my passwords that I had in my password manager. We all know that it is a good security practice to use a different password for every account, but we also know that that is probably not what anybody is doing. It helps if you use a password manager. I use 1password, and I’ve used it for nearly ten years, at this point. I can’t complain about it one bit.

I somehow have managed to not reuse any passwords, according to this. Here my the ‘Watchtower’ result.

I still have a few left to modify, but for reference, the vulnerable passwords category was at nearly 200 when I started.

You’d be surprised if you knew the amount of sites that I ran across that didn’t have an option to change a password. You’d have to pretend like you lost your password and go through the reset process that way.

Also, I took this opportunity to delete accounts that I wasn’t using anymore, or delete accounts for sites that don’t exist anymore. I think it should be a mandatory feature for sites to have a delete your account function, but a lot (most) don’t.

Anyway, go change your passwords.